+2 Blinds Option - specific parts



I have several MK blinds control running in my home. Can someone please explain how the +2 servos are driven? Is it done via a splitter? There is no explanation as to what the extra parts/install look like. Thanks.


The output of the controller is a PWM signal with no feedback, so you can run multiple servos off one controller with no additional circuitry. I just hooked all 3 of my servos in parallel by twisting matching color wires from the servos together and and pushing them into the appropriate terminal connector.


Thanks for your reply.

Curious how you find driving 3 servos with a 5v power supply is working out?


It’s working fine, no issues. I read somewhere that 3 servos is the limit for reliability reasons, and so far it’s working well. On my blinds, I’m using a different servo (JX PDI-6225MG-300) than the ones Matt sends out; I needed servos with 320 degree rotation to make the blinds fully tilt both ways (required a firmware change).