Alternative source of printed parts?



I bought my printed parts from MK Smart House, only to discover that the square fitting to connect to the rod in the blind is too small… the printed part has a square hole with sides of 4mm whereas my blinds are larger, with the square rods having sides of 6mm. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get alternatives made by Matt so wondered if anyone could suggest where to get hold of alternatives? I did attempt to adjust the printed parts to fit my blinds but haven’t been able to make the holes bigger without impacting on the ‘fit’, so the rod doesn’t grip well. I don’t have access to a 3D printer. Also I’m in the UK!



I ran into the same problem, so I designed new wheels to fit my rods. If you tell me how many you need and send me whatever it cost to ship them I will print them for free and send them to you.


I live in the states and my local library has public use 3D printers, just need to pay for the PLA used. Check if you have something similar, but I’d take @Accwiz’s generous offer!


Thanks for your replies! Unfortunately UK libraries aren’t that advanced :wink:

@Accwiz that would be amazing, thanks. More than happy to cover shipping, parts, your time etc, just let me know what that works out at for 3 of the wheels? I’ll try to work out how to DM you !




I sent you three wheels this past on 2/19, not sure how long shipping takes but you should see them in the mail.


This is really good of you - thank you!!!


Hi, Do you mind sharing the STL files?
I got mine delivered but unfortunately the rod is bigger and doesn’t fit into the hole…

Mine are the hexagon shaped ones, im in Australia so can hopefully get printed locally.

Regards Anthony



Unfortunately the envelope I sent was returned to me saying that I needed to have a customs form. They never told me this when I mailed it. I will try again asap.




The stl files I created have a square hole, but if you send me your hole dimensions, I will create one for you.



Thank you for this - sorry I only just saw your message as was going to contact you to say it hadn’t arrived! Thank you for trying again.