Blind Control V6 Install and Upgrade


Nice Mountain.

My blinds have been working flawlessly since your v4 but lost a PCB, servo and a rounded out blind shaft adaptor (all on different blinds at the same time :open_mouth: )

V6 took a second to work out the new mqtt topic layout and incorporate it into HomeAssistant but is now working without issue and response time is much faster.


Thankyou for the feed back on V6, I am still updating this version, a couple of areas i am not happy with but overall its getting there.
How did you loose a PCB,?
Good you have it working in Home Assistant, I don’t use HA yet so not sure on configuration yml files.


@Mountain Now have the V6 installed on 5 blinds controllers. Working well. Love the set-servo function and some of the other setup controls via the GUI. Have a few other features, such as trim adjustment and weight slip, to experiment with but looking forward to your updates.

Do you have a way for us to track your updates other than searching here? Perhaps a repo of some sort? What about contributions?

Thanks for all the hard work!


Thanks for positive feedback.
I do have a repo running on a server that you can access the firmware and also you can change the OTAAuto path in setup to access this.
you can access in your browser to download the bin file your self and install or once you change the path as above can issue a command or MQTT post to auto update from repo server.

command from browser http://your device ip address/OTAupgrade
you will be prompted for admin password.

via MQTT message

for singe device
cmnd/your Device MQTT Topic/upgrade payload=1

I have followed tasmota global template for upgrade.
If you issue a MQTT message cmnd/tasmotas/upgrade payload=1
This will force all tasmota devices and mk-blindcontrol devices to download software from repo’s and install, handy …


Hey there Mountain,

I just received my new blind control, should it have the updated firmware on it that is represented in this thread ? Also, and this may be a problem, I’m getting an MQTT error in Home Assistant - Socket error on client , disconnecting!


New blind control hardware only has Matt’s version 2 firmware installed. You will need to download the latest from and upgrade after your 1st setup.

With Home Assistant - Socket error on client , disconnecting!
check out this link