Blind Shaft 3D part


The shaft on my blind is too thick, is that part downloadable as an STL so I can modify it? Ordered the blind control almost 2 years ago, it’s been sitting ever since.



Hi Paulmona. Looks like mediafire took down Matt’s files or the link is broken HERE. Not sure what size your blind shaft is, but if it’s about 1/4 inch square, I’m happy to send you the .stl I made (in Fusion360) to do my blinds.



Same here, I designed a hexagonal end in Fusion 360 I’d be happy to share. Let me know.


Would love either of your files or both! Thanks! I’d love to finally use these.


Link to my HEX shaft file here:


If you need a different shape let me know.




Thanks! Looks like the Google drive link still needs access granted.


Whoops, apologies. I think I made them public now (and also shared them directly to you).