Blinds are "going nuts" when changing position from (ex 54 to 57)


Hey guys,

I have 5 automated blinds and I have created code that shuts my blinds every minute during the sunset by a calculated number. This works perfectly on 2 of my 5 blinds. For the remaining 3, when (and this is random) the position changes, the blinds are closing or just tilting randomly.
Here is an example

5PM: start pos: 56, new pos 58
5:01PM: start pos: 58, new pos 60, but servo moves to 100 (State remains 60) and the blinds goes fast (regardless of the config)
5:02PM: Start pos: 60 (while it’s actually closed), new pos 62, and this works fine.

I am using: openHAB 2.4.0 Release Build
Servo Firmware: V6.6 (same problem since V2.

Does anyone have the same issue?


There is a function called slip correction. for ranges between 40 and 60 blind will open then set to a position you selected between these ranges. This will give true positioning eg 50% will be 45 degress open. If you not worried about being out about 15 - 20 degress turn off slip correction.
Servo will just move regardless of where it is.
Try this should achieve the stepping function


Thanks for your response, I tried it, but it didn’t work. When On it always goes down to the lowest to then go back to the requested position.

When Off, this is when my “bug” is happening.


So 2 of your blinds are working correctly out of 5.
could it be a siginal problem with the other blinds. ?


I don’t think so, cause 3 blinds are on the same wall right next to each other and in the same room as my router.


Is power supply ok?
Are they running v6.6 . (This was comp with latest lib files) v6.0 older lib files

I have put V6.7-Beta up for testing.
Implemented power save options.
Some bug fixes.
GUI changes
This update will install ok over V6 and V6.6 no major impact.
Implemented Battery Monitor Options for running on battery and solar charge panel
(This requires mod to Esp8266 chip, solder 1 pin to voltage divider across battery. this option needs to be enabled on GUI. This is in Beta stage of development)

Beta version 6.17-Beta


I have a similar problem. 1 of my 3 moves FAST no matter what I do (One of the two remaining sometimes does it too). I’m running the version posted on 17 Jan 2021. I have slip control off & have them set to SLOW. Still moves fast. Thoughts?


There is a new version V6.8-Beta released on 27-01-2021
Bug fixes and improvements. No major impact ie. No re config required.
One possibility.
Did you change speed via MQTT message or via Config portal.
If retain is set to true in the ymal and speed was changed via MQTT then the command will remain forever in the MQTT datadase.
There have been similar issues with blinds randomnly moving usually after a auto restart etc.
On reboot the device subscribs to all topics including cmd, SPEED etc. and acts on last message in MQTT database. And if there is a ghost Retain messages then thats the current one. and action happens.
You need to change retain in ymal to false is blind section, restart home assistant.
Stop MQTT and remove MQTT database, MQTT will create a new one.
(or Delete all retain messages in database). The only retain message should be LWT.

After others and myself did this all running smoother.

Retain messages caused me a lot of late nights trying to strip code appart as I had no problems using OPENHAB until I setup a basic Home assistant server and implement the ymal problems were happening.

retain is not necessary as telementry in now implemented reporting STATE’s etc back to MQTT.
This was not a feature in V2.

Try this let me know outcome.

Also I am not very farmilar with Home Assistant , still getting head around this one.
As I use OPENHAB 3.
I am trying to put a ymal together to cover all functions of V6, such as speed control, tilt, siginal, battery monitor etc.

So if there is a home assistant YMAL’ er that can help would be great.