Blinds Incorrectly Change Position


Something in my network periodically sends “cmnd/tasmotas/STATUS 5” over MQTT. I’m pretty sure it is the Tasmota integration of Home Assistant doing this as part of it’s auto-discovery. Regardless of who sends it or why, the v6.9 firmware interprets this command incorrectly and moves the blinds to position 5.


Thanks for bug on STATUS 5,
I don’t use Home Assistant and its auto discovery process.
I have found the bug in the code for this and will have it fixed in the next 24 hr.
FYI Status 5 is show network information.
Will advise you when uploaded to repo server


Version 6.91 now available on repo server.
STATUS bug removed.
no random movement of blinds after Sending MQTT messages to device STATUS
The only status command implemented in blindcontrol is STATUS 2. report firmware information.
Please check operation of new firmware.

This fix as also fixed other random movements, generated by Home assistant’s discovery process.

Thanks for spotting this bug.


Thanks for the quick fix. There is another, unexpected, but perhaps intended, change in the new firmware. When “cmnd/%topic%/tilt %value%” is sent now, it doesn’t change the position and simply replies with the old position. It does act correctly when “cmnd/%topic%/POWER %value%” is sent. Was it a bug that it acted on
cmnd/%topic%/tilt previously?


To tidy this up, as I don’t use Home Assisant.
I had a quick look at the tilt ymal thingy awhile back. I got lost…
The current firmware has no tilt option.
This is an easy fix coding to implement.

So you need this in the firmware
cmnd/%topic%/tilt %value% for the command ?
stat/%topic%/tilt %value% for the status reported back?

tilt range 0-100
If this is correct will have it recoded within the hour


If you’re referring to the same documentation I’ve been reading, yes, it’s not always the clearest.

What you have in the firmware now is sufficient to control the tilt. cmnd/%topic%/POWER and stat/%topic%/STATE can be used to write and read the tilt status.

There is a very, very, very, minor issue providing a “state” value the way HA wants it. HA really wants a discreet enum indicating open or closed (also optionally opening, closing or stopped). I’m confident I can use a value template to convert the 0-100 range provided by stat/%topic%/STATE into the appropriate state. I just need to do some more testing.


V 6.92 is now available on Repo Server.
Have included tilt options for HA
cmnd/%topic%/tilt %value% for the command
stat/%topic%/tilt %value% for the status reported back

See if this works


The latest tilt changes work fine.


I spoke too soon. Something is amiss again. I’ve been llogging MQTT to/from front_blinds/tasmotas. Here’s a snippet that shows the latest problem:

Mar 26 23:08:05 stat/front_blinds/STATE 16
Mar 26 23:08:05 stat/front_blinds/SPEED SLOW
Mar 26 23:08:05 stat/front_blinds/tilt 16
Mar 26 23:08:07 tasmotas/cmnd/STATUS 5
Mar 26 23:08:08 stat/tasmotas/STATUS 5
Mar 26 23:08:10 cmnd/tasmotas/STATUS 5
Mar 26 23:08:12 stat/front_blinds/STATE 16
Mar 26 23:08:12 stat/front_blinds/SPEED SLOW
Mar 26 23:08:12 stat/front_blinds/tilt 5

See that both stat/front_blinds/STATE and stat/front_blinds/tilt both correctly show the tilt at 16. Then, after cmnd/tasmotas/STATUS 5 is seen, stat/front_blinds/tilt starts incorrectly reporting 5 while stat/front_blinds/STATE keeps correctly reporting 16. The blinds did not change position. Only the tilt reporting changed.


thanks for the feedback.
Yes found 1 line in telementry update that I missed.
Will have new update shortly.
PS Getting there with this…