Habian zigbee controller


Brand new to Hass.io on a Raspberry pi
I’ve got some smart sockets and a couple smart bulbs.
Do I need a zigbee controller connected to my pi in order to get them to work?
Is there a relatively inexpensive one I can buy?


Hi…The current iteration of the 994 Series Controller only supports one added hardware upgrade. So its either Z-Wave or ZigBee but not both.
It should also be noted the 994 Series Controller even if it could support two hardware upgrades does not support other profiles which is the HA aspect.
So you would still be out of luck in this aspect so the only current solution would be to purchase a third party controller that would allow the ISY to integrate with it. Or use two separate 994’s via the network module but again that doesn’t allow you to use other ZigBee profiles at all just the energy profile.

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