LED strip Assemply help


I have assembled all the components, but when I plug in the power supply, I am getting a red light on the buck inverter, and I can’t get it to adjust to 3.3 volts. Is there something that I am doing wrong ? Any insight is appreciated


Hi…First, determine the footage of what you are installing. Then, do the math to determine the total connected wattage. Second, determine the type of strip. There are many types, but the typical is the 5050 single row. You can buy 12volt, 24volt, and 120 volt. Determine what voltage best suits the installation. I stay with 12 volt for most apps due to pricing and availability, and I’m usually not installing long runs. Next, determine the amperage of the installed strip. Power supplies, dimmers, etc…for the LED strips are usually rated in amps. Since it is lighting, exceed amperage by 125% for the power supply. Now it’s time to decide how you will control it. You can install a dimmable power supply if installing low volt cable in walls is out of the question. I prefer running low volt cable to switch boxes ( with voltage barriers as needed ) and using Lutron 12 vdc dimmers as the dimmable power supplies are much more expensive. There are many control options like RF dimmers, PBX controllers, WiFi, etc.

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