LED Strip Control Firmware V2 Help



First, great job on all the MK Smart House tutorials. They are great.
I’ve been trying to install theLED Strip Control V1 and V2 without success.
I’ve been running Openhab for awhile, but am new to MQTT.
I have some ESP8266 NodeMCU CP2102 ESP-12Es
I’m using Arduino IDE to upload the sketch.
I have tried Generic ESP8266 and NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module)
The V2 sketch compiles and loads. I am able to connect to the boards wifi and configure it. But after that I am unable to connect to the device using the host name (I typed everything identical to the tutorial). I was thinking I had a wrong or missing .h file but it seems like it wouldn’t compile. Any Ideas?

Also, Using MQTT.FX connected to my openhabian MQTT Broker, I don’t see any MQTT traffic when changing any of the LED Strip Controls in openhab. Does the .items, .rules, and .sitemap text cover everything or do I need to create Generic MQTT things?

Publishing commands straight from MQTT.fx doesn’t appear to change the LEDs either.

I appreciate any help,


Follow up in case anybody else is having trouble.:

I was able to connect to the board with the IP address, but not the assigned host name.

The newer version of the mqtt binding wants things created in paper ui linked to items. I changed the items to {channel=mqttname…}

I thought the output pins on the 8266 were pull down, but they were pull up.

After I fixed these things everything worked.