LED Strip kit without LEDs? & LED Specs / Link?


I’m about to start making a large LED lighting project that will need many control modules. I’ll probably be making a purchase early next week. But I have some important pending questions.

  1. Can I get the specs for the LED strip or a link to where to buy more additional LED strips that exactly match the strips in the kit?! The last thing I want to do is sink a bunch of money into this and find that the LED lights in the kit are 20mm spacing and the LED lights I find online are 40mm spacing, or their power rating is off by a tiny amount resulting in slightly different colors.

  2. Is there any way to order the LED strip kit without the included LED strip? With such a large project I do anticipate I will have a few scrap LED strips and I’d like to be able to buy an additional control module so I can do something extra with the left over LED strip scrap lights.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response!