MK-Blindcontrol Firmware V7 now available


Seems to be good.


Have added the second blind to the PCB and is working as intended. Other blinds are fine with both being connected to same data pin and with the annoyance of getting to the controller I will be leaving this until I have an issue haha.

Will test with my spare servos on the other ESP boards I have as this is going to be a much better way to do the remaining blinds as I have 6mm square rods so have to use custom adaptors anyway. And do wonder if MK has moved on from maintaining the orders that come in.


Good it is working.
Just check you on 7.05. I had to do a quick fix for the set limit section that was causing the blinds to fibulate when they were moving in setup.

Set Limit will only be setup on the master blind positions. The slave will just follow. If the slave is slightly out will need mechaical adjustment.
I could recode firmware to have 2 blinds that are controlled seperately , but that will increase the bin file size.
and may be over kill.
I might look at this for the next stage as it would be good, as a lot of homes have 2 blinds together.

Custom adaptors , amazing what you can find in a hobby shop in the servo section

Not sure on MK have email him but no reply. I have built a couple now without the kits wasn’t sure on gamble on ordering from MK as I had no reply from email contact.

Over all his project is great. Simple and cost effective. $20 in better then $200 so to speak.

Descovery is working for HA
The next part is full discovery to include wifi details etc and battery details. all sensor info.

P.S. And your Partner now should be Happy.


Says 7.05 in the gui.

Thats fine they are pretty much on point as matching anyway as they used to move together.

I am NZ so hobby shops here are significantly over priced, most of the time I order from Aliexpress then file/grind to spec.

Yea have emailed a couple of times also and for now will be making my own. Love to support someone when the difference in cost is so small but not interested is losing my money.

Discovery is great. I have been using Home Assistant from well before discovery was a thing so never really bothered to sort out until now. Super easy and more than enough function is added by default.


Thanks for feed back on HA. As I use Openhab…Still learning HA
I am a newbe to HA so to get good feed back on this is great. I just have a test server running Home Assistant only.

Its good to keep this project going as it is affordable to make your home smart.

Ys 7.05 is the latest…

and yes I am in Australia.


Make the move. Easily the best home automation software.

Jump in the discord plenty of helpful people