New Blind Control Setup Question


I will start by saying I am a complete noobie to Arduino and MQTT. I ordered the assembled bland unit and I am just trying to set it up. I set up my new Arduino using the directions on the door control and added the MQTT library. It is plugged into my laptop port. I installed the Mosquitto Broker and I haveMQTT.fx connecting to it. I am assuming that the MQTT server IP is the IP of my laptop that the Arduino is connected to. I configured the Blind control using all of the exact same settings as the video except I used the MQTT IP as my laptop IP. Everything else was the same, I even used the MK-Smarthouse/utilities/MK-BlindsControl1 and MK-BlindsControl1 names. When I open MQTT.fx and subscribe and then try to publish with MK-SmartHouse/utilities/MK-BlindsControl1 and a value like 50, the motor on the motor does nothing. What could I be doing wrong. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


This happened to me as well, but it was something really simple. I had not capitalized the B in BlindsControl1. Check all your spelling. It took me three months to figure out. I’ve now purchased blinds control for my entire house. I love them.


So I have been working on this for about 2 weeks now. Today I totally started from scratch and rebuilt everything. As I was getting to the section to set up the MQTT I read your message. As I was setting up the blinds control on my phone I decided to write down exactly what I was putting into my phone. As I wrote I realized that I had been using SmartHouse as part of the text in publish, but on my phone I had it as Smarthouse (small h). I opened up MQTT.fx and put in the correct text and it worked. I wanted to scream with joy. Thanks for the heads up.