New "CORDLESS" window blinds


I knew the day would come when I needed to replace an el cheapo Wal*mart vinyl window blind. Much to my dismay, I found that ALL the blinds everywhere are now cordless. W… T… F! Not only that, they are also 3 times the price! Double W… T… F! Thirdly, I will most likely need new couplers. Damn! Well, I hope I can fit the servos in somehow, due to the new clip design. Lastly, Now I need to make another servo circuit for the cordless side. Ugh… I did not see this coming.


Sorry to hear, but hope you get it running!

I’m running into a similar issue. I have two different blind designs I got from Home Depot, both the same manufacturer. One is the normal corded, and the other is cordless.

What I found is the 180 degree servos that came with the blind kits don’t tilt the slats far enough for my cordless blinds. It looks like the pulleys in the head rail have a smaller diameter, so it takes more rotation to position the slats the same way as the corded blinds.

I know the MG995 servo can be modified to greater than 180 degrees, but the ones that came with the blinds kit have the control board soldered directly to the potentiometer, which makes taking them apart difficult. I decided to order some 270 degree servos instead; they should arrive in 3 weeks or so. Yeah, I know, more money.


Try I bought a corded blind from them back in April


I found that these work perfectly, but you have to modify the firmware to support the 500-2500us pulse that these have