New setup guide?


Can someone post a setup guide for current version of Home Assistant and MQTT and hopefully v5 or v6 of Mountain’s firmware?

Matt’s setup guide is so old and much of the code samples seems incompatible with current version of HA & MQTT. I’m getting lost and would love to just start over. And if something’s better than HA I’m not opposed to swapping to that.


In process of putting together setup for version 6. I use openhab2 and compile file to simulate tasmota style. With openhab you create a thing link to MQTT , create items and sitemap. I not sure on Home Assistant, but i hope what I show can help you reconfigure and get it working…

Matts Software was awsome and simple and worked, it needed more functionality, He supplied the hardware kits etc. well done…I am pleased I can take it to a new level…

I will put up a Beta version of software if you would like to try


I’d love to try it. I’ve got a couple test board/servos I can play with it on.


Mountain? You out there? Haven’t heard from you in a couple months.


Thanks for messaging me, I am still here, Been busy with this COVID-19. (I am a COVID-19 Safety Marshall hopefully a temp position)
I have’t had time to write a procedure for new version as yet.
I will upload V6 bin file so you can start playing. and testing.
I will create a new thread in this forum and looking at putting it up on github aswell
as Matt’s Blinds software and hardware kits are fantastic and affordable

TOPIC Blind Control V6 Install and Upgrade
I will put the topic up in the next 2 days


Yeah, with all things Covid going on, I just hoped all was good with you. Thanks for all your help in this community!