No correlation between MQTT and OpenHab Server


I am having a problem with setting up my blinds control. After setting up both the items and sitemap files I moved on to configuring the blind controllers. After flashing the new v2 firmware I would run a test (as outlined in the guide) where I would subscribe with #, then publish with my broker statement (Smarthouse/utilities/LRBlindsControl1). I was successful when putting 0-100 in the large box and hitting Publish and the servo would move.

The problem I am running in to is when I go to the Web UI for my server and click a button nothing happens. Here is a line for one of the controllers in my items file (Dimmer LRBlindsControl1 “Living Room Blind 1” [ “Lighting” ] {mqtt=">[broker:Smarthouse/utilities/LRBlindsControl1:command:*:default],<[broker:Smarthouse/utilities/LRBlindsControl1/state:state:default]", autoupdate=“false”}). Also here is the output from the controller itself (MQTT Command Topic: Smarthouse/utilities/LRBlindsControl1
MQTT Status Topic: Smarthouse/utilities/LRBlindsControl1/state)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I have checked my MQTT configuration and I have manually replaced the “quotation” marks in my code.


Did you ever get this working? I am in kinda the same boat. I cannot get MQTT.fx to work as you did, but I can run command line calls to MQTT and the servo will turn, but in the UI I cannot get it to work.


Sounds like the same problem I had with the dimmer.

Create a generic mqtt thing in paperui (name it blinds or whatever) and add channels that link to the items from your items file (put the command and state topics in the channels.)
Instead of {mqtt=">[broker:… for your item
use {channel=“thingid copied from paperui”

There are a few examples of the newer mqtt binding channels out there.