Physical button?


Can anyone help me with adding a physical button option the firmware?
I’d like to either:
Single Button: each push cycles thru the 3 states.
Multiple buttons for open, stop, close.

Obviously Matt didn’t land any of the other GPIO to the circuit board, so we’ll need to solder some leads to the ESP, just let me know what you choose.


Notice your post of an external button, I am currently testing and compiling the code to connect a button to allow open close functionality via a switch.
I am looking to use the PGM pin that is already exposed as pin 0 and Ground pin to generate siginal.
I hope to have this in V6 release


are you using Toggle or push button switch for this?


push button type…have code running. set it up to toggle from open to close


Thank you very much. With V5 bin, my blinds sometime close and open automatically like V2 from MK but less with V5 bin.


Thanks for running V5, I do have V6 Beta running and it does fix some errors in operation. Will have this up on site for people to try.
When there is a reboot of software due to errors the servo motor does not know its true position, it will report back 42 no matter were its position is until its gets a command to move.

Should have V6 next 2 weeks as it needs some documation as its a whole new front end, more features and can be reconfigured via GUI after install