Reset ip blind control


I have had to do a new install of home assistant and my ip had changed on the home assistant, everything is back up and running except the blinds control, i cant log into the blinds control to make changes with the ip/ firmware web interface, what i would like to no is there a way to change the ip or do i have to reset and re - flash the firmware again.

if the later where can i find software and the instruction to do this.


Not to worry i found the answer through google which led me straight back to here, anyway see the below link if anyone else has issues…


If your network environment is different, then you should be able to check your router or use an app like Fing on your mobile phone to find the new IP of the blinds device. Otherwise, you may need to reset it to factory defaults.

“To reset device settings restart the device and quickly move the jumper from RUN to PGM, wait 10 seconds and put the jumper back to RUN.”