Source Code Available?


As someone else has reported, my blinds do not have an IP on the network using the V5 firmware. Is the source code available so I can do my own debugging?


The IP address assigned to the blinds should be in the routers lease tables, If you have upgraded to V5 check to see if device is not showing as AP in WiFi , if it is reconnect and check all settings are entered and correct ie passwords user id’s MQTT details etc
Also try a power off and On


Thanks for the quick reply. I tried all the usual and didn’t see it in my DD-WRT router. Reverting to the V1 source and adding debugging finally got it working. I think there was an issue loggin on to MQTT with username and password. Enhanced debugging will help and, to that end, I plan to install a IoT logging server. Does any version support logging or is the source available so I can adjust it to my logging needs?


@Mountain do you have a public git repository for your code? I’ve noticed what looks like bugs when quickly sending mqtt messages to the command topic. I’ve got over 30 years of experience with C. I would love to help find them and squash them.

I would also love to add servo easing (exponential start/stop) and a way to tune configurables without having to reset the device.

I’m also working on powering my device via a lipo battery. It would be nice to have battery charge level monitoring so I could know when the battery needs charging. It would also be great to have a lower power mode with less frequent response intervals.


Sorry I do not have git repository for code…
My code does send configuration and state messages which help to debug, I will turn them off…,

The version I have available does have LWT, i.e .Device Online, also publish Servo position, WiFi details etc every 60 seconds or it can be configured/ Tele period.
Also can handle OTA upgrade via MQTT command
The new version I am working on has new GUI which allows re-config after install, Blind speed etc…Device topic, side motor installed, trim adjustment, MQTT details, also including file manager to download and upload config files etc.
Also can change speed via MQTT command…I have tried to make it similar to TASMOTA as 1st config is AP with WiFi and MQTT server details, then you need to access the device to configure other options…
I would like to have a GIT Repo…
The next upgrade should be upgraded to JSON V6, And LittleFS as support for SPIFFs is changing.
I can release this version If you like but as a Beta…