Still in business or?


Hi those of you that follow this forum. I’m just wondering if this org is still in business ? The reason for the question, is :

  1. Youtube videos are a year old;
  2. Unless I’ve missed something, there are no updated projects or activity on the core site for any of the products;
  3. Usually someone that is developing DIY products that have a fairly good chance of success continue to improve the product and expand the share;
  4. communication, updates and overall product purchase don’t appear to match - For example: Under return policy it states "delivery time is 1-9 days (of course USPS0; but processing the order takes 1-2 days; but where do you find that "status info that tells you “where your order is in the process” ?


I have the same question.
I asked a similar question using the contact form on the website and never got a response.
Has anybody here purchased anything from the shop recently?


Ok, yeah really wondering. I think at one time I saw where the Youtube channel reached 10K views/subscribers or something like that and would have thought something like this would take off like a rocket if they got the right business partner.

Just judging the way “MyBlinds” has taken off, this should have or should be a big hit with the DIY community.

I did submit an order just over the past week and have not had any update other than the customary email regarding the purchase itself. The only info in the status page update is that it is “awaiting processing” and “paid” - so I’m not sure what that status really means.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see if there is any activity or change in status over the next couple of days. In addition to the no knew activity on the website, I started to investigate refund and shipment details where I read a note about refunds that is, well, not very business professional and that got me a little concerned.

I’ll hang in there and see where this goes.


I purchased additional blind kits about a month ago with no issues, even corresponded with Matt.


Hi, I would like to share my experience,

I purchased 1 Blind (D|Y) it came but after a couple of weeks to a month after emailing to Matt. I then bought 4 installed (non DIY) and they came quicker. I ordered another installed (non DIY) and just heard back after 1 month or so that it was on it’s way. So looks like he’s busy with other stuff, but eventually he does ship. I’ve been very happy with the product/builds and have had a good experience, but I do keep the email and keep following up. His personal email seems to be more responsive.

Good luck, I’m not sure if anyone else in this community has a similar product. For myself, I scoured the web looking for “HomeKit” blinds and there is nothing, or at least nothing without buying more blinds, so Matt’s solution that works with HomeKit is a gem!


Hey there berskyboy,

Thanks for the reply and info. Yeah, I’m like you and have looked all over the web for such a DIY kit and this is the only live product on the market. With all the maker’s out there doing and tinkering and this being a perfect DIY project you’d thing there would be plenty more playing in this space. I mean let’s face it, this is a niche market that has lots of potential.

Maybe more will come along in the near future, however, I can’t wait to try this product with Home Assistant. I have 72 windows in my home so the cost for doing this makes it a great choice than paying $150 to $400 per blind.

Again, thanks for the reply!!!
Stay Safe



You are welcome, yes, I do act like a little kid every morning when I programmed HomeKit to open the blinds 30mins before sunrise. And at night too when I programmed HomeKit to close the blinds at 30mins past sunset. In Canada that is a very different time in every different season.



I have already written this post: How long does an order take? Is mksmarthouse still operational?

But I am hoping that replying here might get a bit more attention.


I have had a similar experience. Did you ever receive your order?


Can you tell me where I might find Matt’s personal email as the only one I have found is the email address.

I am find waiting, but I just want to know that my money has not gone into a black hole. I would prefer not to have to reverse the charges.


Hi @mineshaftgap it took a while, I ordered it Nov 02 & 11, 2020 and got the product Dec 04. I ordered another 1 unit Jan4, 2021 after then and got it Feb 26, 2021. So I think that’s like 1 month time maybe a bit longer.


@berskyboy, thanks for the response. I have no problem waiting, but would like to understand from mksmarthouse an approximate wait time. The only communication I have is from what I believe is Shopify’s order response. Did you get any communication between the order confirmation email and delivery of the items? Thanks!


hi @mineshaftgap I kept asking him by email when the order would be delivered.


My experience was the same. When you say DIY, this site really means DIY (ALL CAPS) - it took me around a little over a month I believe to get mine.

However, I never even tikered with it once it arrived as I found - a motor (based on ZWave tech) already put together professionally, who responds, has tech support and more than anything else, has a very very professional return policy (unlike someone saying oh well you didn’t like it, sucka - similar to the message you’ll read here for returns). For all the time wasted trying to put this thing together, go over to and buy their product. I got mine at $99 each, so if you wait for a holiday or black Friday sale, you’ll get them cheap.

This kid had an opportunity in my eye to do something that a LOAD of people would love to have purchased. But an assembled product, with all the benefits of a professional organization requires some focus and the proper business savvy not arrogance!

Lastly - have solar panels for their motor - you can’t beat it!!!

Good luck


Update: I just got a response, it is shipping today or tomorrow.