Switching to OpenHab 3.0


Has anyone switched from OpenHab 2 to Openhab 3 yet?


Yes have switched to openhab3. Very interesting journey. I have 2 servers running openhab3 One was done via upgrade method and still using text files as items, things, rules etc.
All worked ok in upgrade process. Have noticed using text method does lock you out from other functions if you use the GUI to make changes etc also limits what you can do.
I the set up the same openhab3 using only GUI which takes some time to do and figure out what to do. Once you have done this it it very easy to setup and modify.
sitemaps and rules via GUI is some what difficult, so I still use the textural method for rules and sitemaps only, and GUI for things, some items as the GUI will create items for you based on channels etc.
I found going GUI great once you find a few short cuts like copy and paste as things and channels use a ymal format.
Create your 1st thing and channels then its is a matter copy and paste channel infor for the next thing and rename . (bit like mass edit of the things file)

Everything you need is still there like habpanel basic sitemap etc. just done different.
It has taken several weeks to get used to using GUI method with text method on sitemap and rules,
It seems to work better this way, as text method will probably go one day.
I am still trying to convert my rules text files to GUI . Work in progress
But am happy with the upgrade it appears to be faster etc…
I am leaning towards running the GUI based setup in the end…


Thank you for your reply.

My Knowledge of this stuff is very Limited.

I’m asking because I updated to 3.0 thinking everything will continue working… I have a couple of door sensors and blind controls I couldn’t control them once I updated to 3.0.

So I redownloaded 2.5 version to try to get back to where I can control my blinds and now I can’t get MQTT and openhab to work together.

Should I just update to 3.0 or stay with 2.5. Im not very knowledgeable on this subject.

If it wasn’t for matt and his videos I would to lost haha :see_no_evil:


Stay with openhab3. And gradually get each part working again.
How many devices do you have connected to openhab?

Did you do an upgrade to openhab3 or a new install?
I would re install MQTT, I ended up re installing to get things going again.
Can you connect to MQTT broker via external program such as MQTTfx?
Did you use PAPER UI to configure 2.5 or textural .?

create things, create channels within the thing. then link channels to items

How far did you get in the upgrade process ?
did you get the login screen etc ?