V7.10 doesn't work well for me


Mountain, I updated one of my blinds to v7.10 a short while ago. It doesn’t work well for me. The servo range appears to be considerably smaller than before. When I tried to reset the limits, the blinds begin continuously changing position until I power cycled them. I can try to do more testing and provide more detailed information this Friday or weekend.

In the meantime, can I get a copy of v7.05? That’s the version I was running before and have left on my other blinds. The last version I kept a copy of before that is v6.94. It works better than v7.10 for me but isn’t as nice as v7.05.


Sorry version not ok… The servo range has not changed. still operates 0-180 ranges.
Make sure the reset limits have been saved and are showing up as defaults.
Also check the setup and re configure. side motor installed, swing direction to close etc.
Save and reboot again.

I had an upgrade were the Default Open Limit was not the same as User set limit after a reset. Could not find the cause of it.
So I did a rest limit again etc.
Can you re download firmware and try again

note the OTA server has been moved to mountaineagle-technologies.com was mesmarthouse.com
you will need to change the OTA update url in setup if you want the auto update to still work.

Sorry I don’t have 7.05.
We will try and get this version going for you. 7.1

This is my steps.
Download firmware again.
Do a device reset via the GUI, this will erase the json config files and resets the file system.
Re setup the device via the AP mode again. Initial setup.

Log in to the device and continue to setup. Swing direction to close speed side motor installed etc.

Let me know how you go…as my test blinds here are working ok…


Okay, I’ll try again with 7.10. As noted earlier, it might not be until Friday.


Hi Mountain, thanks for all the FW work you been doing.

I have been having some issues with 7.05 at random times the blinds will change position. open to closed or vice versa, I have put it down to when the loose wifi connection.
I do have a pretty good network smallish house with 2x Unifi Ap’s + a 3rd Unifi Ap out in my shed.
I don’t imagine the blinds to lose connectivity but perhaps hop to another AP.

I will give 7.1 a go, Is there any release notes for it?
Is here the best place to keep an eye out for updates?

If there is anyway I can debug let me know.

Thanks Anthony


Check out the post on V7 out now for breaking changes

Blinds moving randomnly
Make sure there is no retained messages in your MQTT database.
If you using homeassistant need to edit ymal file and retained set to false
There are some software to edit mqtt directly, you need to delete any retained messages related to the device ie power commands etc. as if the device restarts it will pick up any retained message in MQTT

The help link in the GUI has links regarding this

Your network sounds OK, using UniFi AP best choice.
The software has an update section. Option for checking for update and auto downloading from repo server.
I am using this forum for updates etc.

step by step will get it working…

make sure you redownload firmware. 7.1 , I re compiled it to make sure all ok.



Thanks for your continued work on the firmware. I unfortunately have the same issue here. Tested on one of my blinds, went from 7.0 to 7.1 and my servo range appears to be considerably smaller as well. I rolled back to 6.0 as that was all I had archived and works perfectly.

Anyone wanting v6.0, here is my Google Drive link to the file:



Thanks for the feedback.
The changes that were made was the seperation of having 2 PINs to control 2 seperate motors , rather than 1 pin controlling both. I thinks this is the problem with coding here. The change did work on the test setup ok.
I am backing out the changes and re compiling just for 1 pin as in original setup.
Will have bin file here shortly if someone would like to test it.


I have removed v7.1 from the OTA server and all support files.
After I re compiled I too noticed same problems as well as STATE and POSITION were not reporting back anymore. Strange
I use platformio as the compiler it had a update between the re builds of 7.1
I backed out all the changes from 7.0 - 7.1 and still get same problems now…
It appears it is a lib that has been updated but I will need time to find which one.

I thank audifreak9 for makiing available v6.0.
note down grading will cause a reset and setup into AP mode

Sorry if this problem has caused .

I am trying to switch back to ardiuini IDE to compile…but I need to restructure the code back to ino format.
As soon as I can get 7 back up I will advise
I only have the source code for 7. (previous versions have been deleted)
bad practice on me.
v6.7 is still available too on old OTAserver


If your main.cpp file is 7.0 I’ll work as well on converting it to an .ino file. I also have an original v1 and v2 in .ino format to compare/contrast. This is going to be fun!