Visual Studio Code


Hi guys, after finding “Visual Studio Code” & adding “openHAB VS Code Extension” It look like some thing @mattkaczynski will love or will like to look into.

2.Open Visual Studio Code on Extrnsions (it on the far left)
4.Search for openHAB VS Code Extension
5. Add openHAB VS Code Extension

Open Configuration Files
1: if you can Map Network Dive of your openhab ip (IP addresses). So its easy to open your Configuration Files . (win10: Click “Easy Access” drop down box once you have find your openhab configuration Files then click “Map As Drive”)

Allow you to save to you Pi
2:1. Connect to your openhabianpi via ssh, and type in “sudo openhabian-config” and the su password (“openhabian” if you haven’t changed it so far)
2:2. Scroll to “Apply Improvements” in the menu
2:3. Select “Fix Permissions” and hit Enter.

Easy way to create a rules
3:1 Go to home.rules
3:2 Cick on OpenHAB TAB (in Visual Studio Code) it under the Extrnsions TAB (it on the far left)
3.3 Right Cick on SprinklerSystemSchedule Items
3.4 Create Rule.
3.5 :smiley:

I just find this so if any of you guys know more tips it will be good,…

Thanks Aaron Twomey


Yeah, I use this a lot.


Finally i forgot password and mk changed his guide but good thing you posted that it is openhabian I’ll try it now. Need to change time my blinds open and close


Did you get it to work.


Hi… My VSC is introduced on a windows machine and is associated with an openhabian establishment.

I have doled out the samba shares “openHAB-conf” and “openHAB-share” lasting drive letters on my windows machine.

Pointing VSC to an envelope by means of the documents menu I can either open samba share “openHAB-conf” legitimately or the samba share “openHAB-offer” and open the subfolder "openHAB-conf in there.

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