Weird behaviour on blinds open/closing


I have a blindscontrol esp running with 3 servo’s connected to it. It al works fine expect for a few times.
I can close the blinds all together normally, but whenever I open them. I have an issue with one of the 3 blinds. It is always the same one that has troubles.
So whenever I open it from a closed state, this blind will open, and then right before it is fully open, it will turn all the way closed again and gets stuck. I then have to take out the power and turn it open again.
Does this behaviour sound familiar to anyone? If so how did you solve it?
I already tried using a different usb adapter with higher amps, but that doesn’t seem to change anything.
This is what it all looks like :


Anyone with a hint or idea to fix it?


just make sure your delay in the yaml is about 150ms. otherwise it will act weird. It worked for me