What blinds- servo vs. stepper


What blinds are you guys using? All the ones I’ve looked at require multiple revolutions to open close. So the 0-100 stepper with less than 360 degrees of rotation would not work.

From what I understand I would need to use a stepper instead of a servo. Since steppers are capable of continuous revolutions.

Can anyone send me a link to 2” faux blinds that work with the defined servo?


Has anyone found a way to use a stepper so multiple revolutions could be addressed?


I have the Home Decorators Collection 2 in. Cordless Faux Wood blinds from Home Depot.

Blinds at Home Depot

I also have the corded version. The servos supplied with the kit work better with the corded version than the cordless; I can get them fully tilted upward to sloping downward (about 120 degrees), which works fine for me. With the corded version, I can only get them horizontal. If you want them to go from fully tilted upward to fully tilted downward then you will need a 270-300 degree servo, and potentially modifying the firmware to specify the wider pulse width these servos may require. I have used some the JX servo PDI-6225MG-300 from Amazon and they work great, though about $16 ea.



did you modify the code/firmware for the 300 degree stepper, if so would you be willing to share?


I would share the whole file as I have also implemented support for a tilt wand and resetting the SSID over the air, but the problem is the copyright that Matt put into the original says the code can only be distributed from MK-SmartHouse.com. I don’t know how active he is on the site anymore, as I don’t see any recent postings, and an order question I asked on the “Contact” page went unanswered.

To handle the 300 degree servo (note this is a servo, not a stepper; steppers are a different animal), change the line that looks like this:


to this:

myservo.attach(13, 510, 2490);

That should get you around 310 degrees rotation.