What happens in a power outage


Hi all,

What happens if the power goes out is there a way to manually open the blinds?


Like all Home automation that requires power to operate. Be it smart light switches roller blinds etc will not work and there is no mechanical override


I am thinking of 5v mobile phone PowerBank which would cover power for the blinds, but need a way to do a 2 way momentary switch, which applies power for either direction and you let go at the position you want.


The is a modification available which involves connecting a resistor and momentary push button.
This is all ready encoded into firmware. And you will need to enable via GUI
1 quick press toggles the blind between open and closed position
2 quick presses will move the blind to 50 percent.
long held button push of 6 second + will reset the device and restart in AP mode to configure and setup
If you need the instructions i’ll post a new topic on this site


Yes please, that would be great thanks,
what is the latest firmware, I think I am on 2 as the just gives info, I saw a link for v6 but the dropbox link didnt work.


All firmware release for V6 and above are now on a repo server.
You need to download file and upgrade
Note when you upgrade to new version the device will totally reset and launch into AP setup mode.
You will have to re enter SSID info and MQTT info. Reboot then access device via it IP address then select setup from the GUI and configure all other information.
Download firmware from here
The new GUI has auto firmware upgrade functions and more. also check out About in the menu.

Regarding the external switch modification there is another post on this site. But i’ll put a seperate topic up regarding button


Hi Mountain,
Firstly I have figured out where you fit in with all this, and thank you for all your efforts in improving the blinds controller.

I have upgraded the firmware and have added the push button which seems to be working as expected.

I am up to creating the OpenHab thing and then mounting the servo.

With OpenHab 3 (Windows) does it work with .things files?
When mounting do I still follow Matts video and set the servo to open then slide on the server adaptor then server and then remove and tighten.?
When my blinds are open from the closed position we only open it by 40% so its slanted to stop people being able to see in, so my default open and closed setting would be 60% when open and 100% when closed how do I set this?


Hi Kish,
Yes follow Matts hardware install.
Use the GUI “Align” option" to set the servo to the open position, then manually turning the blind to the open position before conectting motor to blind shaft. Do have the blinds set to 0 plane level open, if not then you will get strange behavor and will affect operation mechanics etc.

To have the new open setting of 50 % witch is about 45 degrees or even 60 %, this can be achieved by sending the POWER command to 50 via MQTT.

This is done in your map file and items files.

Note:- The Door Icon is my vertian blind on my glass door.
Also I can change the speed if I need to, this can be left out in your map file too.

You can change to half button to another percentage. done in the map file

If you have setup or ugraded to openhab3 usings things files etc then they will work.
I found it eaiser to still use textural as in items, things, rules better

I have attached links for blinds.things, blinds.items and partial code for the map file.

Also I have upgrade the firmware to allow fro TRIM opening.
From GUI follow the FIRMWARE menu option, CHECK then you can Use AUTO to install.

2nd method if you only have open close option and open is set to your 60%

In the GUI, Blinds Trim Adjustment Open State %. default is 0%
you can set this to your 60% in Setup. (must be less then 75%)

You will need to change settings in things file items to suit your mqtt etc
also your names for you devices.

Also inset the map into your own local map file.
also add the item to habpanel too if you are using habpanel


I,ve mounted the blinds and some how got the direction wrong so closed tilts down from the outside instead of it angled down from the inside. is there an easy way to switch it around? taking the blind and turning it around would work but I would rather the power on the left side


This can all be done via setup.
You need to manuall align your blind to the open position without the motor connected to blind shaft.
Leave motor disconnected physically and power up connect via GUI
Go to setup and select all other options, side the motor installed, swing direction to close, speed etc, save and reboot device.
Go back into GUI and click align. This will move servo moto to the correct open position based on your setup.
Disconnect the power from controller during this 20 seconds.
Now physical connect the motor to the blind shaft and be careful not to tilt the blinds.
Once connected power back up and test

Note. The side the motor installed is from inside the house


Ok blinds are working the correct direction.
What I have found is if the blinds are closed and I send an open a open to 70% it only opens to about 90%. But if I select 0% then 70% it goes to the 70% position
And likewise for the reverse if its at 70% and I want to close it I have to send a 0% the a 100% and it fully closes otherwise it closes just a little.


Strange behaviour,
Have you configured the blind in setup. Side blind installed swing direction to close.?
Selected set servo in setup to move servo motor to open position before connecting to blind shaft?

Also the blinds need to be open at level plane before connecting to motor as well

Also check in setup the is no open trim adjustment, it should be set to 0